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Automation CD # 292 - code by The Law - gfx by Xerud

Sim City


screenshot from disc 292

Flame of Finland CD # 009b - code by Jinx - gfx by Jinx

Operation Thunderbolt (Disc 2)


screenshot from disc 009b

P.O.V. DC # 104 - code by Boris - gfx by Oz/Boris

The Run Demo
The Watchmen Fullscreen Demo
Manikin Stole My Code
World Freak Show
No-Name Demo
3D Doc Demo
intro : ST Menu 6
French Demo
One intro
Copier Screen


screenshot from disc 104

Stax DC # 049 - rel: 28.03.1993 - code by Matt of STAX - gfx by McFly

channel 38 party invitation demo (fried bits 1)
forniets underwater scroller
forniets mega dot-screen
xcopy 3 by zx81 of bad boys belgium
syndicate intro
final spacecoder's bbs demo
magnum force's 1st demo
evil forces intro
profi writer v2.38 (letter maker)


screenshot from disc 049

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